Introduction to the tour docent

본문 시작

Introduction to the
tour docent

  • Build docent data optimized for metaverse platform implementation by utilizing various sortware production and device linkage experiences
  • Scenario Development

    Scenario development for Peace Hall (PyeongChang Olympic Museum/Gangneung Green City Experience Center)

  • Real-source Filming and Post-production

    Selection of tour docent models, post-processing of videos, production of video sources for AR

  • CG Video Production

    Production of 3D characters for tour docents (design & modeling, motion capture, animation)

  • App Development

    Realization of augmented reality docent introducing famous tourist attractions in Gangwon State Province

Model Selection

전 여자아이스 하키 국가대표 조수지 강원2024 마스코트 뭉초 SBS 광주 전남 아나운서
최종수정일 : 2023-12-21