Introduction to the Virtual World

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Introduction to the
Virtual World

  • Establish a metaverse platform, such as experiencing Winter Youth Olympic Games Gangwon 2024 venues and tourist attractions, and multilateral remote conferences at conference halls
  • 목표1

    Develop metaverse communication and
    optimized metaverse space

  • 목표2

    Build a metaverse platform that requires
    very high network quality
    in user experience

  • 목표3

    Build a metaverse system based on ultra-low latency and
    high quality to meet VW's various communication and
    especially video communication needs

Production progress

Sports Hall
  • Realize the Winter Youth Olympic Games Gangwon 2024 venue as a metaverse and demonstrate realistic relay, Sports games, and content showcases
강릉 스피드 스케이팅 경기장
Gangneung Oval

Watch the Winter Youth Olympic Games Gangwon 2024 at the Gangneung Speed Skating Arena in conjunction with a realistic relay platform

  • Arena Outside View function
  • Transmit videos through central LED screens upon accessing the arena
  • Transmit a voice upon accessing LED screens
  • Cheering conversation through chat
  • Voice cheering through microphone integration
Gangneung Ice Arena

Watch the Winter Youth Olympic Games Gangwon 2024 at the Gangneung Ice Arena in conjunction

  • Arena Outside View function
  • Implement the arena in the form of a normal map, not an object
  • Able to move the avatar inside the arena and express one's emotions
  • Support voice and text chat between participating avatars
  • Function to play the video in the arena
강릉 아이스 아레나 경기장
평창 알펜시아 스키점프 센터
Alpensia Ski Jumping Centre

Watch the Ski Jumping Games at the Alpensia Ski Jumping Centre

  • Arena View function
  • Indirect experience of ski jumping through ski jumping games
  • Gangwon State Province promotion function by installing booths and screens in the arena
Peace Hall
  • Provide tour docent service through virtual world and virtual tour guide using photo-realistic high-quality real-life rendering technology
평창 올림픽 기념관
PyeongChang Olympic Museum

Operate various exhibition spaces, experiences, and educational programs to re-experience the vivid images of the Sports games

Gangneung Green City Experience

Energy self-sufficient building that produces and consumes energy by using sunlight and geothermal heat

강릉 녹색도시 체험센터
강릉 아르떼뮤지엄
Arte Museum Gangneung

World-class immersive media art exhibition hall

Harmony Hall
  • Provide an online community space for chatting and seminars among participating players and spectators around the world
교육 / 세미나실
Education/Seminar Room

Implement an education/seminar support space where data files, etc. can be posted and shared in the virtual space

  • Implement admin (host) and presenter function
  • Provide presentation material selection function (PDF, YouTube, video, etc)
  • Provide the function to upload and post presentation materials
  • Able to create multiple seminar rooms by the administer
  • Function to allow only authorized users to enter if needed (password)
  • Enable and disable attendees' chat, video, and audio permissions
Exhibition Room

Implement a PR service that can post local specialties in virtual space

  • Provide a template that can be created by expanding an exhibition hall tailored to a specific purpose
  • Function to insert text, images, and videos using basic templates
화상 회의실
Video Conference Room

Create communication spaces for interactions such as chatting between athletes and spectators within the virtual space

  • Real-time chat with participants during video conference
  • Enhance quick and easy communication with the Document Sharing function
  • Provide camera ON/OFF function
  • Able to create multiple meeting rooms by the administer
  • Function to allow only authorized users to enter if needed (password)
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